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TopLiner™ Booster Contour, 120 ct/cs



The TopLiner Booster Contours can be used in conjunction with any disposable undergarment, brief or adult diaper. It features a flow-through design which make the booster pad fill to capacity and then allow any additional liquid to pass through to the disposable undergarment below. A wider, hourglass shape gives the TopLiner Contour extra absorption capacity to help contain bowel incontinence and reduce leakage and wetting of linen and clothing. The TopLiner Booster Contours are an economical way to extend the use of any of Tranquility’s disposable undergarments or adult diapers. Diaper booster pads fit easily inside of an adult diaper and allow for quick and easy cleanup. These pads will improve comfort, confidence, and overall wearability of many of Tranquility’s products.


  • Hourglass shape with larger absorbent area.
  • Softer texture makes cleanup easier.
  • Flow-through top and backsheet allows pad to fill the capacity then pass additional fluid to host garment.
  • Soft and comfortable fit.
  • Minimizes sleep interruptions.
  • Reduces leakage and wetting of linen and clothing.

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21.5" x 13.5"

Absorbent Capacity



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