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Housebreaking Wee-Wee Pads (Heavy Absorbency): 30″ x 30″, 100 ct/cs




* For Puppies & Stay-At-Home Pets
* Make House Training Easy
* Protect Rugs & Floors with Leak-Proof Plastic Lining

   • Used as training aid for puppies, for older incontinent pets or pets who are ill or confined, or even if you are just too lazy to walk your pet. A wonderful option when nasty weather keeps you and your dog indoor
   • Made of an advanced technology polymer that provides extra absorption. These pads features leak proof backing and sealed edges to ensure easy clean-up.
   • Once the pets is accustomed to using these pads, they can placed outdoors to encourage them to eliminate outside.
   • Not treated with scent or other chemicals – also perfect for Baby Changing Pads!
   • These are the same high-quality pads we sell to hospitals and other professional medical market.

Nature calls puppies too. What if a puppy is confined to home for any reason? The housebreaking pads will be of great use. Produced with advanced technology, these pads are comfortable for your pets. Ensuring easy clean-up, they prevent damage to floor and carpets.

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30" x 30"




100 counts per case


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