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Prevail® Disposable Washcloths (Soft Pack): 12″ x 8″, 576 ct/cs




Prevail® Adult Washcloths are super strong for tough jobs and super soft on the skin. Prevail’s Single-Hand Dispensing is easy to use while dispensing one wipe at a time, adding convenience and reducing waste. It is a cost effective quality washcloth.

• Designed with Quilted texture creates pockets for more complete cleaning using fewer washcloths.
• Hypoallergenic fabric that contains Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness.
• A unique three layer fabric: the two outer layers are made of a soft fabric to be gentle on the skin; the strong and thick inner layer prevents tearing or stretching for effective cleaning and for keeping hands cleaner.
• By combining pop-up folding and a special lid design, the caregiver can pull a single unfolded washcloth with one hand each time without reaching in, adding convenience and reducing waste.
• Coated with Vitamin E & Aloe helps promotes skin wellness and reduces dry irritated skin.
• Lotion enriched that moisturizes skin to promote skin wellness.

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12" x 8"


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